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Taking Care of the Feet

Babies and young children all have good-looking and smooth feet. But as years pass by, these feet are scarred, wrinkled and boned. They develop seemingly huge toes that can’t look and seem to fit right with the dimensions of the feet. Veins start to appear in varying lengths and shapes.

This leads people to wonder if feet ages faster than the rest of the human body.

It Doesn’t

The feet take one of the biggest works in the human body. In fact, it alone bears the job of carrying the entire body mass, as well as, any other loads the human carries. One of the biggest reasons why the feet are often scarred is dryness.

Because of the work it does, feet can experience dryness faster than other parts of the body. It is also the body part that comes closest to hot surfaces like pavements and roads. By having periodic trips to the foot spa, the feet are kept good-looking and smooth.

What Happens There?

Best Conair Foot Spa are places where the feet are the boss. It is the place where the feet and everything around it comes first before everything else. The attendant places the feet on the stool to look at it and see what needs to be done.

Then the attendant does a foot bath, which includes a foot scrub. A foot scrub is similar to the one given in hand spas, but only more intense as the feet’s calluses are more numerous and thicker because of the strains of everyday use. In fact, calluses are one of the main reasons why feet lose the smoothness everyone likes to look at and admire.

The Strain Put on Feet

The strains put on the feet are also the reason why there are wrinkles. Look at the feet of marathon and triathlon runners, their feet look harder than those who don’t do these activities. And it is harder because their skins are toughened to respond to the demands of the activities.

It’s not just the strenuous activities like running, jumping and carrying of loads that give wrinkles. But, it is also derived from everyday activities like walking and even driving. Driving an automatic transmission car is better than driving a car with manual transmission, but only to the extent that with the automatic people only get to use only one foot.

Hot Foot Bath

People under stress are sometimes advised to get themselves a nice warm bath. It is a good way of relieving the tension in their bodies. By relieving the tension, their minds get eased. Of course, this is also the case with the feet.

Getting heated foot bath is a good way of rewarding the feet for performing well after a gruelling walk or work. Many people think that ‘heated’ means hot, or in extreme cases, really hot. Now the word ‘heated’ signifies warm temperature. This is because hot water can accelerate the feet’s drying. It can destroy and eliminate the feet’s natural oils, which is the body’s natural defense against skin drying.


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